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Every year in Toronto, thousands of cyclists tragically die as a result of a collision with a car. Over the course of several years, Toronto had the most fatal bicycle accident collisions in the country. Although some of these bicycle accidents were just that, an unavoidable accident, many could have been avoided. According to a study conducted by the city, the most common cause of bicycle accidents was a driver sideswiping a cyclist.

Bicycle Injury Lawyer

Losing a loved one in a preventable bicycle accident is devastating. Many family members want to see justice served on their loved one’s behalf, but don’t know whom to turn to for help. At Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer Group, the experienced bike accident lawyers we work with realize no amount of money could turn back time and stop the accident from happening – that is not their intention when representing suffering family members. The bicycle injury lawyers in our group want to make sure family members get the tools they need to cope with the tragic loss of a loved one.

Bike Accident Lawyers

Bicycle accidents are also responsible for injuring thousands of cyclists every year in Toronto. Injuries to the head, legs, arms, neck, and back can result in long-term disabilities, paralysis, and disfigurement. Physical injuries are often compounded by emotional injuries, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

If you or someone you know was seriously injured in a bicycle accident, it is highly recommended you seek the counsel of a qualified bike accident lawyer at Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer Group. They can protect your legal rights and make sure you get the best medical care available.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Toronto

When you hire a skilled bicycle accident attorney at Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer Group, they will make sure you understand the claims process so you can make well-informed decisions about the progression of your case. The dedicated bicycle accident attorneys in our group won’t make any major decisions without you, and are always available to take your calls and answer any questions you may have. Your case will be treated as if it was their only case and you will be treated as if you were their only client.

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As mentioned above, drivers are responsible for causing many bicycle accidents. But, what causes a driver to behave negligently? Driving distracted has become a major problem for today’s drivers. In fact, Ontario Provincial Police reported in 2015 that distracted driving was the second deadliest cause of fatalities. Keep in mind, it is illegal in Ontario to drive on a highway while using a cell phone or other hand held device.

Additional causes of bicycle accidents include excessive speed, drunk driving, poorly lit roads, poorly maintained streets, and defective bicycle parts.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Toronto

If you would like to learn what your legal rights are after suffering a serious injury in a bicycle accident, call 647-725-2774 right now. Time is of the essence when considering taking legal action. The law only allows you a certain amount of time to file a lawsuit. After the time allowed by law passes, you will be denied the ability to pursue compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Pick up the phone and contact a caring bicycle accident lawyer at Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer Group today. They will make sure you don’t lose your one chance to get maximum compensation for injury damages. As always, the first consultation is free and your case will be taken on a no recovery, no fee basis.